Yellow Belt Combinations

6b Combination

  1. Step Back –  with the right foot.
  2. Scoop – Right Hand #1 Block (scooping up).
  3. Trap – Left hand traps the opponents arm, (simulated by grabbing you right forearm with you left hand).
  4. Kick – Right leg front kick to the middle zone.
  5. Cross – Right foot crosses over the left foot.
  6. Cover – Step out with left foot, with hands on guard.

3 Combination

  1. Left foot steps in with Left inside Palm block.
  2. Right thrust punch low.
  3. Left hand grabs opponent’s shoulder and pushes down.
  4. Right back two-knuckle punch high. (Kids Version of 3 Combination Ends Here)
  5. Reach with a right ridge hand and hook the left armpit.
  6. Simultaneously push down with your left hand and pull toward your chest with your right hand.
  7. Step back with the right foot and pivot back 180 degrees to takedown the opponent.
  8. Left downward thrust punch.