This is the official announcement of our tournament and the guidelines that we will be using each event.




What is the Kempo Warriors Invitational?

  • This is our first annual tournament with a new format and an opportunity for Kempo Karate students from Kempo Academy Evolution in Westport, Greenwich Kempo, Fairfield Kempo, Ridgefield Kempo, and Kempo of Harrison NY. You are invited to come together and meet in a friendly competition filled with fun, trophies, and an opportunity to give back to the local community.


  • Practices will begin in February during group classes. Competitors will be given weekly assignments to practice and videotape at home.  Your chief instructor will respond with feedback on your performance and recommendations for improvement.  Your classes in the dojo will continue to focus on the Kempo curriculum with periodic looks at your performance.


When is this event?

  • Sunday May 20, 2018
  • I will follow up with the directions and specific times. The event usually runs from 10:00am – 2:00 PM.
  • Everyone is invited to enjoy the full tournament. We understand you have busy lives and if you need to leave for another commitment you are not required to attend the entire event.  That being said, I think many of you will choose to remain because of the new format for this tournament.


Where is this event?

  • B.D. I will update this as soon as the venue is set.
  • Food and drink are available for purchase at this event. 

Who may participate in the tournament?

  • All active student members from Kempo Academy Evolution in Westport, Greenwich Kempo, Fairfield Kempo, Ridgefield Kempo, and Kempo of Harrison NY are invited to participate.


  • Parents of Students are also invited to participate in 2 of the new events.


How do I enter the tournament?

  • For Competitors – There are entry forms available at each dojo.  We are also rolling out an electronic sign-up sheet.  Keep in mind that you must fill out a new form for each event you will compete in.  “1 event 1 form”.  “2 events 2 forms” etc. 
    • The first event will cost $70.00.  This includes the event and your Tournament T shirt. 
    • Additional T-shirts may be ordered for $20.00 each.
    • Additional events entered will cost $30.00 each


  • For Spectators – Wrist bands will be available for pre-purchase at the Dojos. 
    •  The spectator fee is $10.00 for each wrist band. 
    • Wrist bands will sell at the event door for $15.00
    • Children Spectators ages 4 and under are admitted free of charge.


What do I wear?

  • All competitors must be in a full uniform to be allowed to participate.  Gi top, pants, and belt.  Every Competitor will receive a tournament T-shirt.  The T-shirt cost is included in the fee for the first event you compete in.  You may wear this T-Shirt in lieu of your Gi top.
  • The floor at these events is usually hardwood.  You may wear socks, karate shoes, or bare feet at your discretion.   Please be mindful that socks on hardwood can be slippery.  (see the rules about gear and footwear for the sparring event below).


What events are at the tournament?

  • Maneuvers
  • Kata Forms
  • Point Sparring


I am only a white belt.  Do I still compete?

  • Absolutely.  All competitors are grouped by age range and rank range, and the judges weigh their scoring according to what each competitor should be able to do at their age and rank.  I have seen white belt competitors take home 1st place trophies.


What are the awards?

  • Everyone gets a trophy for each event they compete in!
  • For each event there will be one each 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place trophy
  • There will be a 5th place trophy for each of the remaining competitors in each event.


    What is the Maneuvers Competition?

  • Competitors will enter a judging ring and demonstrate any martial arts they choose from the Kempo Curriculum.  You may Perform 3 Defensive Maneuvers  These include Combinations, Kempos, Jiu Jitsus or Blocking systems. 

    What is the judging criteria for this event?

  • Ring Ettiquette
  • Bow into the ring at the beginning of your performance
  • Stand in front position in front of the judges and recite your speech
  • Wait for the center judge to ask you to begin your maneuvers
  • Complete your maneuvers in a rolling format
  • Return to front position at the end of your performance
  • The judges will score your performance and privately show the ring coordinator your scores
  • The center judge will ask you to bow out of the ring
  • You should back out to the edge of the ring and bow the judges one final time as you exit the ring. Please do not show your back to the judges.  It is a traditional sign of respect.
  • Every students enters the competition ring and recites an introductory speech.
  • Hello My name is ________

    I study Kempo at the _________Dojo

    My chief instructor is__________

    I would like to perform the following maneuvers





    Your speech is part of your performance.  It is important to be Clear and Confident with the judges.


  • This event will be subjectively judged based on:
  • I strive to make improvements to the tournament every year.  I am currently re-examining the process I use to prepare the judges for their tournament duties.  I will post the judging critieria as soon as this re-examination is completed.

    What are Kata Forms?

  • Forms are choreographed routines of martial arts movements.  They are much longer than Defensive Maneuvers.  Each form has an underlying theme of skill in movement that is unique to that form. 
  • Kempo forms are “Hard Style” and incorporate powerful moves with balance and footwork being the key to mastery of these techniques.
  • The judging criteria for kata forms is the same as it is for the performance division


What is Point Sparring?

  • Sparring is a controlled form of fighting.  The object is to score points by tagging (with controlled punches and kicks) inside of the scoring zone.  This event will be a double elimination bracketed competition with each winner scoring 3 points.
  • Sparring classes are offered at you dojo. 


Do I need sparring gear?

  • Each competitor who is participating in sparring must have the following equipment:
    • Helmet
    • Sparring Gloves (no MMA gloves allowed)
    • Shin  and instep guards
    • Mouth guard
    • An athletic protector cup is recommended, but not included in your sparring gear purchase.
  • Each competitor may choose to purchase a chest protector, and a face protector.
  • No shoes, footwear, foot pads, sparring booties are allowed.
  • All sparring gear must be approved and purchased by your chief instructor.  This is to ensure uniformity amongst all competitors.


Where are the scoring zones?

  • Anywhere on the helmet is a scoring zone.  There will be no contact to the face or throat.  Learning control is very important in this event.
  • The front and sides of the body from the shoulders down to the belt.
  • Arms, legs, back, and below the belt are not scoring zones.


What does the term “Inside the Guard” mean?

  • A competitor may be able to place a strike or kick that gets past their opponents defense, but does not make contact with a scoring zone.  At the discretion of the judges, the competitor may be awarded a point for being inside of their opponent’s guard.  The point award happens if the strike or kick was uncontested, without any attempted block.


What are Sparring penalties and disqualifications?

  • Illegal striking including strikes and kicks to the face, throat, or below the belt.
  • Unnecessary roughness.  Sparring is a game of tag, and strikes that appear to be exceedingly rough, malicious, and uncontrolled are not allowed
  • Strikes to the knees and elbows are not allowed
  • Leg sweeps and takedowns are not allowed.
  • Generally the judge will give a warning one time.  After that the competitor may lose a point, or if the competitor has no points to surrender, their opponent may gain a point.  If the center judge deems the competitor to be out of control, or malicious, he may disqualify the competitor.


    Thanks for enduring this long announcement letter.  I want to provide you with the clearest set of guidelines for this year’s tournament.  Start your entry forms today.  The tournament is May 20.  The trophies will be custom made to order on May 1st.  I respectfully request that you not wait until then to submit your entries, because after May 1st the tournament is closed to entry forms.

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