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Every year we host the Kempo Classic Tournament, a day of fun for the entire family. The Kempo Classic tournament is open to Kempo Academy students of all ages, and their families.

All students get a trophy for each event they compete in! For each event there will be one each 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place trophy. There will be a 5th place trophy for each of the remaining competitors in each event.

What are the Tournament Events?

[themify_icon icon=”fa-trophy” link=”http://”]DEFENSIVE MANEUVERS

Competitors will enter a judging ring and demonstrate 3 of their Combinations, Blocks, or Kempos before a panel of Black Belt judges.


[themify_icon icon=”fa-trophy” link=”http://”]KEMPO FORMS

Forms are choreographed routines of martial arts movements. They are much longer than Defensive Maneuvers. Each form has an underlying theme of skill in movement that is unique to that form. Kempo forms are “Hard Style” and incorporate powerful moves with balance and footwork being key to mastery of these techniques.


[themify_icon icon=”fa-trophy” link=”http://”]KUNG FU FORMS

Forms are choreographed routines of martial arts movements. They are much longer than Defensive Maneuvers. Each form has an underlying theme of skill in movement that is unique to that form. Kung Fu hand and weapons forms are much softer in their approach. Mastery of these forms requires speed, balance, and gracefulness. Flexibility and strength are absolute requirements to excel in this competition.


[themify_icon icon=”fa-trophy” link=”http://”]POINT SPARRING

Sparring is a controlled form of fighting. The object is to score points by tagging (with controlled punches and kicks) inside of the scoring zone. This event may be either single elimination with each winner scoring 5 points or double elimination with each winner scoring 3 points. Single elimination or double elimination will be decided by Master Craigue depending on how many participants enter this event.

Sparring classes are offered at Kempo Academy and active students are allowed to participate free of charge (with the exception of purchasing their sparring gear). Afterschool Enrichment kids and Parks and Rec program kids are not allowed to spar.


[themify_icon icon=”fa-trophy” link=”http://”]DEMONSTRATION TEAM

The members of the demonstration team will perform at our annual tournament and at various activities we sponsor throughout the year. Each school has its own demonstration team, and participation in demonstration team is by invitation only, with students learning and practicing new and special martial arts material that is outside the normal Kempo curriculum. Participation in demonstration team practice does not count as one of a student’s two regular group or private lessons during the week. Demonstration team members wear a special uniform, offered at an additional cost.

Tournament Information

[themify_icon icon=”fa-question” link=”http://”]WHO MAY PARTICIPATE?

All active student members from the primary Kempo Academy Schools are invited to participate (Darien, Fairfield, Greenwich, New Canaan, Norwalk, Ridgefield, Westport, Wilton).


[themify_icon icon=”fa-question” link=”http://”]HOW DO I ENTER?

There are entry forms available at the dojo. Keep in mind that you must fill out a new form for each event you will compete in. 1 event 1 form. 2 events 2 forms etc.


[themify_icon icon=”fa-question” link=”http://”]WHAT DO I WEAR?

All competitors must be in a full uniform to be allowed to participate. Gi top, pants, and belt. If you have a tournament T-shirt, you may wear this in lieu of your gi top. You may wear socks, karate shoes, or bare feet at your discretion.


[themify_icon icon=”fa-question” link=”http://”]I AM ONLY A WHITE BELT, CAN I STILL COMPETE?

Absolutely! All competitors are grouped by age range and rank range, and the judges weigh their scoring according to what each competitor should be able to do at that age and rank. We have seen white belt competitors take home 1st place trophies.


[themify_icon icon=”fa-question” link=”http://”]DO I NEED SPARRING GEAR?

Each competitor who is participating in sparring must have the following equipment:

  • Helmet
  • Sparring Gloves (no MMA gloves allowed)
  • Shin guards
  • Mouth guard
  • Cup
  • Each competitor may also have a chest protector, and a face protector.

No shoes, footwear, foot pads, sparring booties are allowed. All sparring gear must be approved and purchased by your chief instructor.


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