Green Stripe – Kempos

Spin Move

  1. Right outside trap block.
  2. Left foot steps in while left arm wraps opponents right arm.
  3. Right foot steps back.
  4. Right elbow strike middle.
  5. Right leg sweeps back with right cranes wing strike high.


Drop to the Floor Ext

  1. Left foot steps back into right cat stance.
  2. Double cross hand blocks low.
  3. Right foot steps in with double cross knife hand strikes high.
  4. Double outward tiger rakes high.
  5. Double poison thumb strikes.
  6. Drop to ground on left side.
  7. side scissors kick with right leg forward and left leg back.
  8. Left toe hook low.
  9. Right heel kick middle.
  10. Move forward into a crab position and left heel kick forward.