Green – Combinations

16 Combination

  1. Right foot front kick with right open hand inside block and left palm heel strike to the elbow.
  2. Right hand grabs wrist and performs a joint lock.
  3. Right foot steps back and pivot 90 degrees into a right leaning stance while the left hand slides from the elbow to the shoulder (walking the Dog).
  4. Left foot steps over the arm with both hands break the trapped arm over left leg.
  5. Right foot steps forward and you pivot to the left.
  6. Right thrust punch low.


15 Combination

  1. Left open hand inside block.
  2. Right foot cross steps to the left with right driving knife hand high.
  3. Left foot steps around 180 degree pivot to the right and left ridge hand strike high.
  4. Right foot steps backwards, with right trigger finger strike to the spine.
  5. Right palm strike forward.
  6. Right raking tiger claw strike backward.
  7. Right downward elbow middle.
  8. Right hammer strike low.
  9. Left foot steps back.
  10. Blood palm strikes middle.


11 Combination

  1. Right foot steps back.
  2. Left foot pulls into Cat Stance with left inside block.
  3. Left foot steps in with left hand right trigger finger strike high.
  4. Left hand sweeps low and right palm heel strike low.
  5. Right foot steps forward – right dropping knee low.
  6. Both hands grab opponent low.
  7. Left foot steps forward and over the downed opponent while pivoting half turn right.
  8. Right foot continues the pivot in the same direction by stepping back with ½ pivot turn.
  9. Hands lift up while left foot stomps down on the opponents back.
  10. Right foot steps backward landing in left forward leaning stance with right thrust punch low.
  11. Right heel kick low.
  12. Right axe kick low