Kempo Academy instructors share the time honored teaching methods implemented at Kempo Academy, and always advance the curriculum with the most modern and effective teaching ideas in the martial arts today.

Master Douglas DeBarger

Chief Instructor

Master Douglas DeBarger is the owner, manager and chief instructor at our Westport location. Master DeBarger has studied under the guidance of Master Scott Craigue since 2000, and has Graduated from the Instructors College for Teaching of the Martial Arts (ICMA). Master DeBarger has also served as an assistant instructor at the KAMA schools in Ridgefield and Norwalk CT. His current national rankings include 5th Degree Master Black Belt in Chinese Kempo, Certified Kickboxing Instructor, and he is currently working toward his Black Sash in Tam Tui Wah Lum Kung Fu.

Sensei Shannon Davis

Assistant Instructor

Sensei Shannon Davis is a full-time university student attending the University of Rhode Island. She began studying karate at the age of 5 at the Illinois Shotokan Karate Club and is now a 3rd Kyu Brown Belt. She actively competed at the state level and won medals for sparring, kata and basics. She is currently working towards her 1st Degree Black Belt in Chinese Kempo, and primarily teaches Kempo and summer camps at the Westport dojo.

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