Orange Belt Kempos

Orange Belt Kempo #1 (Baseball Bat)

  1. Right foot steps in.
  2. Right arm inside block (#3).
  3. Right back hand hammer strike to the ribs.
  4. Draw back into a right Cat stance.
  5. Slide forward with a double Shuto strike to the collar bones.

Orange Belt Kempo #2 (Trophy Man)

  1. Left outside open hand block (#2) and grab.
  2. Right foot step in with right side Shuto strike to the upper arm.
  3. With both hands, twist the arm away until the elbow points down.
  4. Break the elbow over the right knee.
  5. Simultaneous movement: with your left hand pull the arm to the left, right back fist strike to the right, right blade kick to the knee.