I want to change the way parents and students think about Martial arts.  Kempo Academy Evolution offers an excellent physical training and self-defense curriculum, but that is only the beginning. We will teach you how to get past your fears and any stressful situations you may encounter, and build a foundation of self-confidence that will bring success to every aspect of your life.

I have some additional questions that every parent should consider.

Why Learn Martial Arts?

The Physical conditioning offered in Martial Arts classes can rival some of the best workout regimes offered today.  This should come as a relief, because the schools require less physical conditioning for kids than at any other time in history.  Everyone from parents to teachers to students spend most of their days sitting through various activities like driving, TV viewing, videogames, classrooms, and computers.  Many new students who come to my school can’t perform a single push-up or a single sit-up. I help them work to change that.  Schools also have a zero tolerance policy for fighting and out in the world most physical altercations can result in criminal charges. Our modern world requires less of the physical portion of Martial Arts than at any other time in history, but that doesn’t mean that there is no place for Martial Arts Training.  The world of Martial Arts Training offers skill lessons that include character building, leadership, stress management, healthy communication skills, healthy habits for living, and how to treat one another in our modern world.   The self-defense lessons I teach provide my students with a sense of confidence in their ability to stand up for themselves and avoid being bullied.  The life lessons my students learn from Martial Arts, can shape the course of their lives and lead them toward successful futures.

Can I assume that you want the best for your children?

I consider myself to be a role model for your child and I would like to instill the best traits of martial artists in them. I take that interaction very seriously.  I have a unique set of skills that when combined with my life experience, gives me the confidence to say that I offer some of the best Martial Arts Training available in the world today.   The extra gift that I bring to the table is that I am able to break down all of the character building lessons as well as the movements of kempo, even the most difficult to master, and I make them accessible to learn by presenting them in explanations that are customized to the needs of each of my students regardless of their abilities.  I consider what I do to be more Martial Science than Martial Art.  I believe that Martial Arts is a way of life.  That is why I run a full time Martial Arts School.  My school is not a seasonal activity or a school with part time hours. 

Is the Cost is Worth It?

  • If your child has stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, or is being bullied, the cost of Kempo is less than the cost of medications and therapy—but my training can provide the same kind of benefits.
  • If your child receives better grades because of the focus and discipline I teach, there is a higher chance that they will get more merit-based financial aid if they go to university.
  • If your child grows up to become a leader in his or her chosen profession, they will have better opportunities to succeed.
  • In that one in a million chance that your child will need to defend themselves in real life, Is the cheapest martial arts instructor really the person you want to rely on to train your kids? Their health and well-being is the most important priority you have in your life.  A discounted rate program may indicate a lack of confidence from the school and they may or may not provide the tools to help.
  • If I can teach your child how to prevent 10 fights, that’s better than winning 10 fights.
  • Martial Artists become leaders. Their training has brought both the joy of victories and the valued lessons learned in defeat.  It has taught them about group dynamics and the value of commitment. More importantly the training exposes them to stressful situations, and then teaches them how to navigate these moments and minimize the loss of emotional control.

As a parent, I have always wanted the best for my children.  We all seek to find those opportunities for our kids that give them the best chances for a successful future.  Sign up for classes today and watch your child evolve and grow. 

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