Green Stripe Belt Combinations

17 Combination

  1. Left outside knife hand block.
  2. Right foot steps in with right tiger claw strike low and left tiger claw strike high.
  3. Left arm wrap with right bear paw strike high.
  4. Left foot steps behind.
  5. Right thrust punch low.
  6. Left thrust punch low.
  7. Right spear poke strike low.


19 Combination

  1. Right foot steps back with left outside knife hand block.
  2. Right front instep kick low.
  3. Left hand pushes down to right.
  4. Right downward elbow strike.
  5. Left foot steps forward.
  6. Left hand grabs the opponent low while right grabs the back of the opponents neck.
  7. Left hand pulls up as right hand pushes down forcing the opponent into a somersault while you side shuffle and finish with a right Shuto strike to the neck.


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