Blue Stripe Belt Kempos

Snow Leopard

  1. Left open hand inside block.
  2. Right foot steps left into a cross stance with right back fist high.
  3. Right hand grabs high.
  4. Pivot forward to the right pulling into left forearm strike high.

Double Knees

  1. Left outside block.
  2. Right foot steps in slap hands together high.
  3. Left rising knee kick middle/high.
  4. Jumping right rising knee kick middle/high.
  5. Grab opponent high with both hands.
  6. Right foot steps back.
  7. Pivot to the right throwing opponent down.

Crane's Wing

  1. Lean left with right cranes wing block high.
  2. Bent cranes wing cover.
  3. Left cross body cranes wing block.
  4. Left foot steps in with right cranes wing strike high.
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