Blue Belt Kempos

Swift Hands Extension

  1. Left foot steps in with right inside block and left thrust punch low/middle
  2. Right cross knife hand strike high
  3. Left palm heel strike high
  4. Left roundhouse elbow high
  5. Left back hammer strike low
  6. Left rising heel kick low.
  1. Left foot steps back with left outside knifehand block and grab.
  2. Left front snake kick high into the armpit, right.
  3. Jumping front right ladder kick high, right foot landing in close with right thrust punch middle.
  4. Right roundhouse elbow high.
  1. Left foot steps in with left inside block and right back fist strike high.
  2. Right foot steps into a left cross stance, right side  back hammer strike middle.
  3. Pivot to the right while both hands grab high and pull in, with left side blade kick low.
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