Become a Certified Black Belt Instructor!

 Kempo Academy of Martial Arts provides a specialized training program for anyone interested in becoming a Martial Arts Instructor. In fact, completion of the Instructors College is mandatory for anyone wishing to become a Kempo Academy of Martial Arts instructor. All of our instructors are Home Grown and part of a Family. We promote teamwork amongst our instructors, and value the strength of the group. If you are coming from another Martial Arts System, you should be prepared to become part of this team. This is the first step toward new opportunities to either employment or ownership at one of our Studio Locations.

The Instructors College focuses intensely on the material required to proceed from White to Black Belt. In addition, however, the College teaches the art of teaching. Kempo Academy instructors need to be able to teach every age group, from 3 year old Tiny Tigers, all the way to Adult Students. At the Instructors College, Kempo Academy Master Instructors share the time honored teaching methods implemented at Kempo Academy Studios, and always advance the curriculum with the most modern and effective teaching ideas in the martial arts today.


The Instructors College also provides an internship period at designated internship sites. This provides the instructor with all the hands-on experience necessary in teaching and running a studio. During the internship, the instructor will actually teach classes to every age group, learn the ropes in running a studio office, and discover all the nuances of the business before he or she ever sets foot in his or her own studio. Instructor Trainees who have not earned their Black Belts yet, will wear a Red Belt to signify their status as an instructor.


All Applicants should meet the following requirements:

  • Be Physically fit.
  • Have a medical physical completed by a board certified MD.
  • Be willing to submit to drug testing and background checks.
  • Have a charismatic personality.
  • All prospective Assistant Instructors must be at least 16 years old.
  • All prospective Chief Instructor / School Owner candidates must have a 4 year baccalaureate degree.