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The Kempo Academy Difference

Over the past 20 years, the Kempo Academy of Martial Arts has created a highly successful curriculum that teaches both leadership and character building philosophies and traditional martial arts training methods. As Martial Artists we lead by example, treating others the way we want to be treated. We always do the right thing, exercise self-control and take responsibility for our actions. We only use our martial arts when bodily harm comes our way.


At Kempo Academy, we believe that a strong connection between the instructor and student is a vital element of the learning process, and selecting a positive role model for your child is profoundly more important than the style of martial art being taught by a particular school. If one is to set down the path of learning the martial arts, then trying to decide one’s choice of scenery—which style of martial arts is being taught—means relatively little without deciding on a knowledgeable and trustworthy guide for the journey—a quality instructor. The quality of our instructors and curriculum are second to none, with respect to both other martial arts schools and other extracurricular activities. Moreover, no other program can attest to teaching the same leadership curriculum that is taught at our nation’s military academies. At Kempo Academy, our top-quality instructors guide students down the path of learning the martial arts, while simultaneously embodying a curriculum that develops the student’s teamwork, leadership, problem solving and critical thinking skills.


Every one of our instructors has graduated from both a four-year bachelor’s degree program and our own instructor’s college. Each school is a dedicated operation and is run by an instructor who does not divide his time between the practice, instruction and perfection of martial arts and the pursuit of another career. Furthermore, by recognizing that every student learns differently and possesses different strengths and weaknesses, by holding our students to the highest personal standards, and by cultivating and demanding our students’ best effort we are able to offer highly effective and attentive instruction that—like an Ivy League education—becomes a benchmark of success.


Scheduling and time commitment are important considerations when selecting a martial arts school—but the underlying reasons that they are important are not always immediately apparent. Foremost, and unlike extra-curricular activities such as baseball, cross-country and wrestling, the study and practice of martial arts is not a seasonal sport. Martial arts can be studied at any time—at any age—and we have open enrollment year-round at our schools. We offer classes six days per week and have extremely flexible scheduling—we have never failed to find room in our schedule for our students.


The study of martial arts is inherently a time commitment, and therefore a student who embarks on the path to become a martial artist will quickly learn to set goals and commit to the idea of bettering him or herself. Simply, whereas baseball, cross-country and wrestling are extracurricular activities, the study of martial arts is best characterized as a transformational and preparative extracurricular journey (and one wherein each student proceeds at their own pace). Making the choice to study martial arts is analogous to making the choice to begin a personal journey of self-discovery. Such a journey requires an investment of commitment, dedication and perseverance but pays out discipline, self-respect, respect for and from others, self-awareness, preparation to overcome adversity, self-empowerment, confidence, leadership skills, teamwork skills, critical thinking skills, problem solving skills and personal satisfaction—all in great measure.


Because we live in an increasingly chaotic and busy world, where for many people the day’s activities don’t begin until after school or work, it is important to schedule and invest one’s time wisely. The skills and fulfillment earned through extracurricular activities such as baseball, cross-country and wrestling chiefly emphasize “doing well” and have limited use beyond practice and competitions. The skills and fulfillment earned through the study of martial arts, on the other hand, emphasizes not only “doing well,” but also “being well,” “thinking well,” and “feeling well.” Fundamentally, the lessons learned and characteristics developed while studying martial arts cannot be taken away from you and are highly conducive to success in many aspects of life, including in other extra-curricular activities.


It is precisely because the study of martial arts rewards your own desire to improve and succeed that it is important to choose a school that will reciprocate this same level of personal commitment and dedication, while simultaneously taking an active interest in guiding you in your personal journey of self-discovery. At Kempo Academy of Martial Arts, we will be there for you every day, unwaveringly, as you journey towards realizing your goals and full potential. We will share in both your challenges and your successes in overcoming them, and we promise that we will never give up on you.


We are confident that our service and commitment to you will be above and beyond what you expect of a martial arts school. Congratulations on taking the first steps down a highly rewarding path toward self-improvement and betterment, and thank you for choosing Kempo Academy.

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